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When selecting your gear, you have a wide range of options in terms of price and quality.  Keep in mind these few things:

  • Will you use this gear in the future for personal recreation? This may inform how much money you invest in certain items.

  • The company’s return policy. More expensive brands often have better repair, exchange, or return policies.

  • There is a definite trade-off between price and quality. The work we do is hard on our gear – it usually pays to spend a little bit more to get something higher quality. It will last longer, and you’ll be more comfortable.

  • The Golden Rule: Any article of clothing you depend on for warmth must NOT BE COTTON. When wet from rain or sweat cotton does not insulate the heat your body produces. Synthetic and wool materials are ideal.

  • RMYC will provide you with two work shirts, and the personal protective equipment you will need.

  • RMYC will lend out tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads for those who need them

Boots (required)

You will need leather boots, preferably of medium weight and stiffness with a traction sole, firm toes (steel toe is not required or recommended), and medium height (with standard ankle support). They should also be waterproof (i.e. Gortex, etc).


Start breaking them in before you arrive! Seriously, if there is one thing you do to prepare for the season it should be breaking in your boots! Your feet will thank you. 


Some Brand Examples: Asolo, Danner, Scarpa, Lowa, Vasque, Merrell

asolo boot.jpg


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