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Parent and Youth


What do parents and our members have to say about our program?


Routt Community Youth Crew

"My child learned that teamwork lightens the load and brightens the mood. He learned firsthand that connecting with individuals to share responsibility and passion about conservation creates a sense of hope for the earth's future. Seeing in the woods and being without electronics brought him closer to the work and made the job more personal and rewarding." CYC Parent, 2022

"This has been the best RMYC session ever! I had so much fun and met so many new cool people! Our project partner Erick was awesome. Every day he would teach us something new. It could be anything from beetles to a new species of plant. I learned a lot. The last night we had a big storm but all the people in my tent helped me stake the tent down in the height of the storm. It was challenging but we did it. Every day after work we would go swim and play monkey in the middle. It was the best! Overall it was a great week. I'm glad I did this!" CYC member, 2022

Service Learning Crew

"Kiely had so much fun! She said it was a lot of work but she cannot wait to do it again next year! It worked out that the pickup and drop-offs were at a general location so it made it easy. This program is amazing and I’m so glad she got to experience it! She will be returning!" SLC Parent, 2022

"This season I decided to join RMYC so that I could help out y community and have some work experience to put on my resume. And mostly I was excited to meet new people to socialize with and bond with. Honestly, all the projects we have done these past two weeks have made me feel better about myself by making a contribution to society. CJ has inspired me to work very hard by pushing me to work my hardest and has taught me the value of hard work and taking responsibility for myself"


Regional Youth Crew

"The community fostered with the kids and leaders was wonderful. He told me some of the kids cried when they had to say goodbye... we heard lots of stories about silliness, making up their own games, discoveries (elk bones, fields of Columbine), making dinner together... He really enjoyed the other kids and it seemed a fun, welcoming group. We're proud of him for working hard; the money he earned will go to pay for a ski camp he really wants to attend as well. He just got home tonight, but we hope to hear more stories and feedback in the coming days (he's REALLY tired. And stinky.)" Parent Regional CYC, 2022

" Throughout the past two weeks, I have gained a lot from this trip. Going into RMYC I was a very lazy person and I rarely got outdoors. After working on trails and taking down the barbed wire to help the wildlife, I have gained a much greater respect for the land. Working for 8 hours has also made me more motivated to do productive things in my life. I learned that I am able to do difficult things and that it could be fun. I think that every time I go hiking now I will be much more appreciative of the work that goes into it. Other than my personal feelings about trail work and land management, I think we did a lot of good for the land at Williams Fork and Grand Lake. I feel we helped a lot of wildlife and created fun and good trails. Not only have we changed the land for the better, but this trip has also changed me. This experience has given me so much love and respect for nature I didn't have before. I've learned how to live with and accept other people who are different from me. I cannot wait to come back to this next year and urge my other friends to do this with me. I find that this trip is very beneficial for anyone who joins. I would recommend making the effort to talk to and befriend many crew members and to fully throw yourself into nature." RYC member, 2022


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