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What to Expect

RMYC stands as an empowering and transformative experience for countless individuals. It's more than a job; it's an opportunity to become part of a unique community centered on teamwork, personal growth, forging connections, and mastering new skills.


Living and working within a crew is an all-encompassing experience that undoubtedly poses challenges. Yet, amidst these hurdles, the relationships fostered and the skills honed make every moment worthwhile. Many who join RMYC arrive with little or no prior experience in such settings, and that's perfectly alright! It's a space designed for learning and pushing your boundaries.


At its core, RMYC offers an immersive outdoor experience where the heartbeat is the stewardship of public lands and a deep commitment to conservation. Here, the essence of the experience lies in preserving and caring for our natural spaces while fostering personal growth, education and teamwork. It's a journey that intertwines outdoor stewardship with the exploration of Colorado's public lands. 

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The Crew: Made up of 10 people including two leaders, our members hail from across the nation, spanning experience levels from novice campers to seasoned triple crown through hikers!

The Partners: We work alongside public land managers and nonprofits. Read more in our FAQ. 


Read below to see our weekly work schedules based on the season (summer of fall). We are either on 24/7 or on a hitch model. 


Crews complete conservation projects during the work week and recreate on the weekends. From trail building to fencing, we do it all, but the focus is primarily on public lands and recreation-based projects.


RMYC provides transportation during the season, food, showers, and laundry for all members. The crew we be provided everything they need for a successful season- tools, gear, vehicles, etc. This excludes personal camping items! 


RMYC is based out of Steamboat Springs, CO but our crews work all over the northwest part of the state. We also work quite a bit in southern Wyoming, but have been known to go as far as the Tetons. Crews camp on public lands- sometimes this means campground, most often it means dispersed camping! 


We exist to make the world a better place by fostering community, empowering individuals, and nurturing our interconnectedness with each other and the environment. At RMYC, we believe in personal development and a commitment to serving and preserving our cherished public lands.

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Weekly Schedule

Below you can find examples of what a week might look like with a typical RMYC Crew. This is a general structure, and things are bound to change! Keep in mind that every crew will have different projects and be in different locations. We remain adaptable to meet project-specific needs; the crew's schedule will reflect that. 

Project weeks span 4-9 workdays. All workdays are 10 hours.

RMYC operates on a 24/7 model in the summer and a hitch model in the fall



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Daily Schedule

While we switch projects and locations frequently, the daily schedule for a crew remains largely the same no matter where they are or what they are doing. Much like any other job, we have specific start and end times, breaks, and commute times to and from our campsites. 

6:00 AM


The crew gets up at 6 am to prepare breakfast and lunch for the day. All the food is communal but everyone makes their own breakfast and lunch. Generally, crews take 30 minutes to eat and pack their food before beginning kitchen cleanup. After dishes are done, and food is stored safely, people take time to brush their teeth, fill personal water bottles, and make sure their day packs are ready to go for the workday ahead! 

7:00 AM

Stretch and Safety

At 7 AM sharp, the workday starts with a stretch/warm-up circle followed by a safety briefing on the day's work. 

7:30 AM

Commute to Worksite

Commutes from camp to work count as part of the 10-hour workday and are project dependent. For some projects, you may drive to the work site, but more commonly you will be hiking. Hiking distances range from a few minutes to 8+ miles carrying personal items and tools. RMYC completes front-country and backcountry projects, and your commute may include backpacking with personal camping gear and group gear/food to a backcountry campsite. Once we arrive at the site, we will get to work right away. 

10:30 AM

15-minute Break

Usually, around 10:30 crews will take a 15-minute paid break to sit down and refuel with snacks! Crews get two 15-minute breaks per day. 

12:30 PM

Lunch Break

Crews take a 30-minute unpaid lunch break. 

3:30 PM

15-minute Break

5:30 PM

Arrive Back at Camp

The crew will leave the worksite with enough time to commute and be back at camp at 5:30 PM. On the last day of the project, crews are allotted 30-minutes as part of the workday for tool maintenance. The work is done for the day, and people usually take some personal time before dinner to relax, read, go for a swim, etc. 

6:00 PM


Two crew members at a time take turns cooking dinner for the entire crew each night. Everyone will eat together, and then clean up together including dishes, trash, grey water, and food storage. 

7:30 PM


Occasionally you may be asked to stay present with the crew after dinner for things like group debriefs, educational activities, or miscellaneous camp chores. Everyone is expected to participate. After dinner or these extra tasks, you have the night off with no obligations to the crew. 

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