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Boots (required)

You will need leather boots, preferably of medium weight and stiffness with a traction sole, firm toes (steel toe is not required or recommended), and medium height (with standard ankle support). They should also be waterproof (i.e. Gortex, etc).

If you are on a chainsaw crew, your boots need to be fully leather, and at least 6 inches tall. 

Lightweight fabric hiking boots do not provide adequate foot protection and are not preferred. 


Start breaking them in before you arrive! Seriously, if there is one thing you do to prepare for the season it should be breaking in your boots! Your feet will thank you. 


Some Brand Examples: Asolo, Danner, Scarpa, Lowa, Vasque, Merrell

Other Resources and Considerations

  • RMYC Gear Assistance Program 
Need help getting the basics? Apply for the gear assistance program to get a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and/or backpack for the season through RMYC
  • Patricia Sagawa Corpsmember Relief Fund

If you need financial assistance to support you in joining RMYC, you can apply to the Patricia Sagawa Corpsmember Relief Fund. View their website for more details on what the fund can provide, their application cycle dates and to apply:

  • Pro Deal” Gear Websites

Additionally, we are associated with two discounted Pro Deals. These are not open to the public, and you will be given access to information after being hired.  Both websites provide access to name-brand gear at great prices.

  • Local Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are also great for getting all those layers and used gear that you may need. Just remember to test everything out before use and that boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you will own

(you may not want to buy these used and if you do be sure to break them in!)

  • Shop Affordable Gear Online

  • Buy used or Compare Gear (GearLab)

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