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Fall Hitch Schedule

For the fall season, all crews are on a hitch model. This model refers to a period of time, typically 5-9 days, that you will remain in the field with your crew living and working together. After your hitch is over, you have time off and are not obligated to stay with your crew. 


Crews will travel to projects, working and camping together for 5-9 days at a time, and then will return to our office and be off for 2-5 days.


Transportation is provided to and from our office in Steamboat Springs each project week. A personal car is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the fall season. We do not provide transportation during your off time. 


During your ‘OFF’ time, you will be responsible for your own food, transportation, and lodging. Most participants car camp during their weekends. The nearest camping is 20-30 minutes outside of town.


RMYC pays for food during the work week, but not during time off. Food is communal and purchased by the crew. 


One shower a week will be provided at the end of the project week. 

Projects run for either 5 or 9 consecutive days, with each workday lasting 10 hours. The weekly rhythm involves either a 5-day stretch of work followed by 2 days off, or a 9-day stint of work with 5 days off. For instance, in a 5-day project:

5-Day Project: Weekly Schedule




Friday and Saturday

All crew members will arrive at the RMYC office in Steamboat Springs at a time determined by the distance of your project. This is generally in the afternoon and more like a half day of work. Crews will load all their personal camping equipment and tools into the van and trailer. Shortly after they head out to buy food for the week and then go directly to the campsite for the project. 

Crews generally work Monday through Thursday, but this could change depending on the project partner. Work hours are from 7 AM-5:30 PM. After the day is done, crews head back to camp to prepare dinner, clean up camp, conduct a daily group debrief, and relax after a hard day's work.

On the last day of the project, the crew will pack up camp in the morning before the workday starts. Crews will leave the project site early depending on drive time back to Steamboat Springs and accumulated project hours. Crews stop to grab showers on the way back to the office. Upon arrival, the van and trailer are emptied and cleaned then individuals are off for the weekend. You can expect to be off between 5:30 and 7 depending on how efficient the crew is. 

These are days off for enjoying personal free time and to pursue individual activities. Some crew members opt to hand out together and recreate in groups during their off time.  As a reminder, RMYC does not provide living accommodations during time off. 

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