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Summer 24/7 Schedule

For the summer season, all crews are "on" 24/7. This means spending the entirety of the season with your crew, including evenings after work and weekends.


You will be camping outside with your crew the entire summer!


Crews spend their weekends together exploring destinations decided by the crew. Some chores need to be completed before the next project week, but the crew decides together how/where they want to spend their time. RMYC encourages exploring all the incredible public lands on the weekends. 


Transportation will be provided during the project week and on weekends. Crews travel in a 12-15 passenger van pulling a trailer full of crew gear. Personal vehicles are not needed for the summer season.


RMYC pays for your food for the entirety of the season, including weekends. Food is communal and purchased by the crew. Showers and laundry are also provided on a once-a-week basis. 

Projects run for either 4 or 8 consecutive days, with each workday lasting 10 hours. The weekly rhythm involves either a 4-day stretch of work followed by 3 days off, or an 8-day stint of work with 6 days off. For instance, in a 4-day project:

4-Day Project: Weekly Schedule


Friday and Saturday


Crews generally work Monday through Thursday, but this could change depending on the project partner. Work hours are from 7 AM-5:30 PM. After the day is done, crews head back to camp to prepare dinner, clean up camp, conduct a daily group debrief, and relax after a hard day's work.

Friday through Sunday are days off. Ultimately the crew decides how best to spend their time balancing chores, personal needs, and group recreation over the course of the weekend. Oftentimes, we pack up camp Friday morning and travel to a new spot closer to something fun we have planned. This could be backpacking, visiting a national park, summiting a peak, or just relaxing by a lake. Crews opt to spend some time in a nearby town to pick up personal items, get wifi, charge devices etc, but we highly encourage town time to be somewhat limited- people come to RMYC to have an awesome adventure and you won't find that hanging out in Starbucks all weekend! 

Again, crews make their own weekend plans, but most crews choose to do chores and travel on Sundays. Some crews will shower right after their project week is done, others might wait until Sunday. Essential tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, and refueling are essential parts of the weekend routine.  On Sunday evenings, the group will transition to their next project location. We set up camp, and on Monday morning the project work resumes. 

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